KCK20B and KCKP10 Indexable Milling Grades


Increasing productivity in cast iron and compacted graphite cast iron machining, the KCK20B and KCKP10 indexable milling grades offer higher wear resistance and longer tool life. Both grades offer consistent, repeatable performance during roughing, semi-finishing, and finishing operations. They feature a golden top layer for fast, easy wear identification, ensuring maximum tool life for each cutting edge.


KCK20B and KCKP10 are suitable for wet or dry cuts. These include rotor hubs used in windmills, pump housings, steering knuckles and gear housings for heavy equipment, and automotive components like crankshafts and cylinder heads. While KCK20B delivers higher productivity in roughing and semi-finishing operations, KCKP10 is applicable for finishing operations; it also works exceptionally well when profiling and copy milling cast iron and steels up to 45HRC. For less flank wear, the High-PIMS coating technology creates a smoother insert surface and optimal layer adhesion.


  • Gold color coating for easy wear identification and maximum tool life
  • Consistent and repeatbale performance for higher metal removal rates through increased cutting speeds
  • Consistent and repeatable performance for higher productivity through increased tool life (up to 25%)
  • KCK20B and KCKP10 for wet and dry roughing and semi-finishing cuts, for a broad range of cast iron applications
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