Kee Safety Catalog: Fall Protection Solutions


Kee Safety has released a new Fall Protection Solutions catalog. It is designed for anyone involved with rooftop safety including architects, engineers, contractors, building owners, and facility, safety, plant, and maintenance managers. The catalog provides the information and resources they need to protect workers and comply with OSHA regulations, Kee Safety states.


Extensively illustrated with infographics, photography, renderings, and a risk assessment chart, Kee Safety says that the new catalog focuses on how to identify vulnerabilities and provide the most appropriate safety solutions available for:

  1. Roof Access Points (e.g., ladders, hatches)
  2. Openings in the Roof (e.g., domes, skylights)
  3. Unprotected Roof Edges (with its “Hierarchy of Fall Protection”)
  4. Rooftop Obstacles (e.g., HVAC equipment, change in levels)


The hazards identified are associated with the specific OSHA standards for rooftop fall protection. Kee Safety products and equipment are then presented to show how the company can provide integrated safety solutions to protect workers and comply with OSHA.

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