Laser Mirror Replacements


CO2 Lenses and Mirrors for Coherent lasers meet OEM specifications, are optimized for 10.6 microns, and are direct field replacements for most legacy lasers. Offered in 0.5 to 2.5-in. dia. (13 to 63.5 mm) sizes, CO2 lenses come in focal lengths from 3 to 10 in. (76 to 254 mm) in 0.5 in. increments, and thicknesses range from 0.025 to 0.38 in. (0.635 to 10 mm). Silicon turning mirrors come in 2 to 2.4-in. (50 to 60 mm) sizes with better than 99.5% reflectance and single or dual-band coatings are available.


Available from stock for overnight delivery, the parts include lenses, mirrors, and output couplers.

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