Lithium SAFEFlex Battery Charger


2022 NED Innovation Award Winner

The Lithium SafeFlex Battery Charger is designed to operate with material handling and other industrial equipment Lithium-ion batteries. It's the highest efficiency and smallest footprint charger in the industry—saving floorspace and electricity costs. This charger is offered in 15 and 30-kW models.


Each model supports up to three simultaneous charging ports and performs voltage auto-detect, so it can charge a variety of industrial trucks simultaneously. This charger has CANBus communications with the battery and a touchscreen display.


Pared with Lithium SAFEFlex Batteries, this charger makes opportunity charging at breaks an attainable reality, improving operational efficiency and throughput.


  • Universal AC input
  • Modular 15 and 30 kW models
  • CANBus communications
  • IoT Management via wireless and wired communications
  • Real-time performance monitoring via Maestro cloud-based application
  • Easy configuration via touchscreen display
  • Industry’s highest energy density and efficiency, with the smallest footprint
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