LookoutDirect - PC-Based Human Machine Interface (HMI) Software


LookoutDirect is a PC-based Human Machine Interface (HMI) software package from National Instruments (based on their Lookout® object-based automation software). LookoutDirect does everything you need an HMI to do, at half the price charged by most of our competitors.

LookoutDirect is a feature-packed 500-I/O version of the original package and includes drivers for the top 10 PLC/RTU products, plus our own DirectLOGIC driver. With all of these features, LookoutDirect is clearly the best PC- based HMI solution for all ranges of PLC control systems.

LookoutDirect has an easy-to-use configuration package that requires no programming or scripting. The object-oriented, event-driven architecture provides an outstanding graphical interface to your process.

You can easily create graphical representations of devices and link these objects to your PLC system for real-time data acquisition, graphical animation, alarm generation, report printing, and network connection to your business system.

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