Magnetic Retrieval System


The MRS-24 Magnetic Retrieval System is a 24 in. flexible retriever for fishing wire and cable through a wall. To wall fish using the MRS-24, you drop the ball chain into the wall, the ¾-in. stop ring will keep the chain from falling completely into the wall. The chain will collect at the bottom of the wall. 


Insert the magnetic retriever into an exit hole and move around until the chain is found. Once found, carefully remove the chain and use the retriever hook if needed to help remove the chain. Tie the wire to be fished through the wall to the eye loop at the end of the chain. Pull the chain from the Stop Ring carefully to fish the wire through the wall cavity.


This MRS-24 includes:

  • A 10' ball chain with 3/4" diameter stop ring to prevent falling into the wall and eyelet for tying cable to ball chain
  • The 24" Flexible Magnetic Retriever to insert into an exit hole and retrieve the ball chain
  • An MRS-RH20 Expandable Retriever Hook for help removing the chain (this piece is also sold separately)
  • A handy storage pouch to hold all the items in the kit
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