Mini Ultrasonic Sensors Fit in Tight Spaces


Miniature F77 Series ultrasonic sensors are ideal for dirty and dusty application environments, and are adept at handling color variations or transparent targets.


Because they can detect objects within an area rather than being restricted to sensing only what is directly in front of them, the F77 series is perfect for applications where the pin-point accuracy of a photoelectric beam is too focused to accurately sense the target.


Sensors are 100% insensitive to color, provide 100% reliable clear object detection, and ignore target holes and ridges, resulting in a coverage area that is more forgiving than that of most photoelectric sensors. Units are highly immune to acoustic interference and have minimal deadband.



  • 31 x 11 x 23-mm housing
  • provide up to 50-Hz switching frequency
  • –14 to 158°F temp range
  • sensing range up to 800 mm, depending on model
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