Mobile Arm Robot Meets Demands


The Mobile Arm Robot System (MARS) is an integrated autonomous mobile platform incorporating high-efficiency wheel drive modules, 2D/3D sensors, flexible multi-joint robotic arms, and AI vision capabilities. MARS is suitable for indoor applications, particularly in inspection services or in light industry, such as inventory checks for large shopping malls or retail stores. Using AI visual scanning detection, MARS can send out-of-stock notifications and generate replenishment lists. When customers misplace goods after viewing, ITRI’s MARS can issue alerts and remove the misplaced items from the shelf, keeping the display neat and tidy.


The mobile platform of MARS uses a suspended two-wheel differential drive capable of fast linear response and rotation. The robotics system can adapt to uneven indoor floors and cross ground wires. While moving, MARS fuses information from LiDAR and depth vision sensors to plan routes and avoid obstacles. The highly flexible robot arm with an AI ​​vision system and an adaptable gripper enables wide-angle perception and precise object retrieval. It can work with people, includes a speech system and provides friendly reminders about safety rules and work procedures for human workers. MARS’s software is ROS (Robot Operation System) compatible and allows secondary development of AI vision, platform drive, arm flexibility, etc.

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