MS600 Solid Cushion Tire


Incorporating a new rubber compound technology, the MS600 press-on solid delivers stability, grip, and tire life with the wide tread width. It has a five-deg. sidewall taper and enables productivity.


Featuring a full and unique tread profile for a larger footprint area, the MS600 delivers maximum load distribution and stability when starting and stopping.


Developed with the EcoPoint3 compounding, it tackles rolling, skid, and wear resistance. It allows for the MS600’s masterbatches to contain less filler, higher ratios of stress at elongation, and minimum proportions of impurities.


  • Produced with EcoPoint3 compound for maximum wear, skid, and rolling resistance
  • Full tread profile for larger footprint area and maximum load distribution
  • Unique five-deg. sidewall taper for maximum grip
  • Full-sized, extra-wide North American section profile
  • Low rolling resistance for maximum energy efficiency
  • Cut resistance for demanding applications
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