Multi-Parameter Controller


GF Piping Systems’ Signet  8900 Multi-Parameter Controller features up to four channels in a compact, cost-effective ¼ DIN package for measuring Flow, pH, ORP, Conductivity, Pressure, Level and Temperature. The 8900 Multi-Parameter Controller takes the concept of modularity to the extreme.  The controller can be configured with many I/O options by the user in the field.  Ultimate flexibility is achieved via plug-in modules for either two or four input channels, universal AC line voltage or 12 to 24VDC operation, up to four analog outputs, and up to eight relays. 

Absolute input versatility allows mixing and matching of up to four of the following sensor types: flow, pH, ORP, conductivity/resistivity, pressure, temperature, level as well 3rd party sensors with a 4-20mA output (8058 Converter Module sold separately).  Digital S3L connectivity between sensor and instrument allows improved noise immunity in longer cable runs for enhanced system integrity, particularly in industrial environments.  The unit is CE, UL, and RoHS compliant

Designed to perform as an all-in-one controller, the 8900 is suitable for use in virtually any application in which more than one single-channel or single-parameter instrument is typically required.  Some examples include reverse osmosis system control, pure water resistivity monitoring, demineralizer regeneration and rinse, cooling tower control, multi-stage waste neutralization, scrubber control and aquatic animal life support systems.

The 8900 offers a number of excellent benefits for the user, starting with the ¼ DIN package.  Its compact size creates more space for other equipment in an instrument panel, or allows the use of smaller panels.  Additionally, modular configurability means users purchase only what is needed for specific applications – while maintaining the freedom to make changes and upgrades easily and inexpensively in the field.


  • features up to four channels
  • compact, cost-effective ¼ DIN package
  • can be configured with many I/O options
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