Multifunctional Tool Chest



Increased efficiency and process optimization are buzzwords that are usually associated with digitalization and automation. What isn’t discussed is creating a more efficient process for work that can’t just become automated. This means that there is potential for improvement in areas such as panel building, which – for the foreseeable future – will continue to require a great deal of manual work. Therefore, Weidmüller has developed a tool chest especially for panel building that is based on the 5S and Lean principles for work organization.


Each item in the tool chest has its own fixed position thanks to cut out foam inserts. Standard tools are positioned directly within reach, and tools that are often used together are positioned alongside each other. This well-thought-out arrangement alone reduces the time spent searching, reaching, tidying, and checking tools by up to ten percent. The inserts are customizable, so the user can adapt the positioning to their own needs. Each tool position is labeled with MultiCard markers and QR codes. The QR codes link directly to our online catalog, which contains all relevant technical data. 


The tool chest is completely customizable with the ability to have machines and printers on-site and within reach. Along with the ability to attach other machines and printers, the tool chest comes with standard perforated panels on both sides as well as an optional perforated panel at the rear making it so other elements can be attached. Weidmuller has developed a tool chest that not only adapts to your process but also creates and east to maneuver work station that goes where you go.

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