New Black Quadrafoam II Media


Specializing in customized air filters for telecom, servers, medical, power-gen and industrial applications, Universal Air Filter recently announced its new black Quadrafoam II media designed for use in indoor and outdoor harsh environments around the world. The new media is formulated for higher heat and humidity conditions in uncontrolled environments. Due to higher levels of corrosive gases in various countries around the world, UAF developed the new media to better withstand these harsh conditions. Filter frames can include special metal finishes for corrosion protection when exposed to moisture and harmful elements typically found in an outdoor atmosphere. This new innovation also was designed to be black in color to offer UAF’s customers industrial design aesthetics and easier maintenance when inspecting for dust loading. “This new technology is a great benefit to our clients in every industry we support,” said Mike Miano, engineering and sales manager at Universal Air Filter. “The black Quadrafoam II media is excellent for machinery that requires low pressure drop; high dust arrestance applications that benefit from a cleanable, reusable air filter; mist elimination for water mist or other airborne droplets such as oil mist; and fungus resistance. The durability of this media makes it well-suited for harsh environments.” As with every air filter, UAF offers its complimentary, round-the-clock prototype service to design engineers worldwide at its Web site, This service provides design engineers with assistance in meeting critical design, testing and evaluation deadlines. To receive a prototype, the client can submit a request on the Internet or via telephone, fax or e-mail. Once the prototype is submitted, it is produced and shipped within five working days.
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