New Generation of Order Pickers is Unveiled


Interthor, the leading manufacturer for material handling
equipment, has introduced a new electric order picker that provides the user safe and
ergonomically correct working conditions and at the same time ensures orders are handled swiftly
and efficiently.
“The Logirunner will revolutionize the handling – and transport – of goods in many different
places,” said Richard Kopacz, president, Interthor, Inc. “The Logirunner can be used as an order
picker, for the transport of goods in hospitals, for catering, or as a luggage and goods trolley in
Interthor products are designed with a focus on safety and comfort and the Logirunner is no
exception. The driver’s platform has a non-skid, shock absorbing rubber mat and a very low
entering height making it very safe and easy to get on and off. Steps on each side of the driver’s
platform mean that user can reach items placed on shelves without using a ladder. The tightturning
radius makes the Logirunner very maneuverable and easy to use in confined areas.
Available with a single or double platform, the Logirunner maximizes efficiency for its operators.
The batteries are placed in a drawer for quick replacement and easy maintenance – a perfect
solution for three-shift operations. The Logirunner has AC technology, closed gear box and
differential which drives and brakes on both rear wheels. At the same time, it has electronic
stepless speed control guaranteeing a silent, pleasant driving experience.


• Available with one (LR500) or two (LR500D) platforms • Differential which drives and brakes on both rear wheels • Closed gear box • Large battery capacity • Programmable driving speed • Battery drawer for quick replacement and easy maintenance of the batteries.
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