Heatbath Corp. has expanded its line of rust preventative products with the introduction of Durawax, a multi-purpose synthetic wax emulsion that provides excellent coverage over bare steel, or conversion coatings including black oxide and phosphates.  

Durawax forms a hard, shiny dry film that enhances surface appearance and durability.   Applied over black oxide at 50% by volume, it delivers more than 400 hours of corrosion protection when subject to 100% relative humidity (ASTM D2247.)  It can also be used as a dry film lubricant for torque reduction and other purposes.  It is an excellent emulsion for the weatherproofing of military implements.  

Durawax is non-flammable, is used at ambient temperature, and dilutes with tap water up to 50% by volume. The bath is stable, and easy to replenish.  Parts should be free of oils and residues, but pre-drying parts before processing is not required.    Application is by spray, or immersion for 1-3 minutes.  Films air-dry quickly, but forced air or spin drying can be used for in-process and other applications requiring faster cure.   If needed, Durawax film can be removed with a hot alkaline cleaner.  Durawax is silicone-free.

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