“No-frills” Hour Meter


OEM Data Delivery has introduced an RFID hour meter designed to be the lowest cost wireless remote hour meter in the industry.

The OEM DD “ST-570-100H” is a lean, efficient hour meter that captures and securely transmits equipment use information.  More importantly, it is wireless, paperless, and “hands-free.”  

This lean new addition to the OEM DD product family is designed to satisfy basic requirements. It is ideally suited to compressors, light towers and small equipment where “hours in use” is the only information needed.  (An optional feature allows the capture of dispensed fuel data as well as hours.)

The OEM Data Delivery ST-570 is engineered using the same user-friendly design and robust, field-proven hardware as the feature-rich Radio and Cellular hour meter devices for which OEM DD is well-known.  As with all OEM DD technology tools, the components of the ST-570 were engineered for long and continuous operation in severe operating environments.

The ST-570 was designed for ultra-fast installation and is easy to learn.  It is seamlessly compatible with full-featured ("site-wide") systems and their reporting protocols.  

The ST-570 is a powerful tool for collecting data at very low cost, continuously, and without interrupting normal equipment operation.  Its paperless machine history data is immediately available, and the reliable radio link prevents lost or inaccurate data.  

Hour meter information is transmitted 100+ yards line-of-sight to a radio antenna connected to an OEM Data Delivery GoPOD module.  It is an excellent tool for job costing, and the allocation of equipment and personnel assets for greatest benefit.  It is also useful in managing maintenance schedules, and avoiding the costs and problems caused by over or under-servicing.

The ST-570 can be purchased as a single unit, or as part of a comprehensive configuration that serves all high-value equipment and tools at the jobsite.  Systems are engineered to user requirements, and often incorporate cellular and GPS technology as well as radio to deliver the greatest benefits, and lowest costs, for users.  

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