One-Part Self-Laminating Label


A new, patented one-part self-laminating label can include sequential serial numbering and is designed to let users hand write-in calibration-, inspection-, installation-, maintenance-, and warranty information. NFi Capturite®  Self-Laminating Labels let users record information by hand and permanently seal it under a clear protective Mylar® laminate.  Ideal for recording installation or inspection dates and other variable data, these one-part labels can be custom printed on a white or silver Mylar® base material and are water-proof and resist most chemicals and abrasives.

Featuring 3M adhesives that adhere well to a variety of substrates including powder coat finishes and LSE plastics, NFi Capturite® Self-Laminating Labels can be customized to specific customer requirements.  Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, they can be supplied in 1” sq. to 4” x 6” sizes and can include words, graphics, logos, and sequential serial numbers. NFi Capturite® Self-Laminating Labels are priced according to substrate, size and quantity. Free samples and price quotations are provided on request.


  • can be customized to specific customer requirements
  • suitable for indoor and outdoor applications

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