OneWireless IoT Module Extends Cisco Wireless Capabilities


OneWireless IoT Module for the next generation of Cisco’s industrial access points has been developed for the Cisco Catalyst IW6300 Heavy Duty Series Access Point. Honeywell and Cisco technologies will form the backbone of Honeywell’s OneWireless Network.


The OneWireless IoT Module will deliver ISA100 Wireless and WirelessHART multi-protocol connectivity, extending the Wi-Fi connectivity delivered via the Cisco Catalyst IW6300 Heavy Duty Series Access Point, the successor to the Cisco Aironet 1552S Outdoor Access Point. The joint wireless solution enables Honeywell customers to quickly and easily deploy wireless technologies as an extension of their Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS). Combining the leading IT network technology from Cisco and the leading OneWireless multi-protocol technology provides customers with a single infrastructure that meets all their industrial wireless needs.


When combined with the Honeywell OneWireless IoT Module, the Cisco Catalyst IW6300 Heavy Duty Series Access Point offers the security, speed, and network performance needed to allow the seamless extension of the process control network into the field.

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