Optimize Warehouses With the Quick Mover Robot


Ultimation is partnering with Denmark’s Nord-Modules to expand its portfolio of fast-to-market, productivity solutions. The strategic partnership will grow Nord-Modules’ market share in North America, leading to future opportunities for local assembly and manufacturing to suit local customer requirements. Nord-Modules delivers reliable robotic top modules for warehouse robot load solutions. These units provide superior returns on investment through optimal speed, space, and flexibility and can be fitted to various AMR solutions.


Nord-Modules' Quick Mover 180 uses an autonomous robot base with a flexible top module that performs multiple material handling tasks and handles many materials: gates, half pallets, plastic boxes, carton boxes, carts, and cobot solutions. Without having to change top modules, manufacturers have the ability to integrate the Quick Mover with MDRs to:

  • Transport multiple types of containers from point A to B to C.
  • Pick up goods from gates and deliver to a drop-off point.
  • Precisely re-position goods to another automation area (e.g., a CNC machine).

The unit is controlled by a provided smartphone and can carry up to 485 lb. Set-up and installation take approximately 30 minutes. Sensors help the robot navigate quickly and safely around people, stationary objects, and other obstacles.


Solutions such as the Quick Mover 180 are available through Ultimation’s application and service team.


  • Smartphone included
  • Flexible standard product
  • Simple setup and installation (30 minutes)
  • Reliable and cost-efficient
  • Possibility to personalize the module


Dimensions (LWH):800 x 600 x 240 mm/31 x 24 x 9.4 in.
Transport Area:800 x 600 mm/31 x 24 in.
Handling Capacity:MiR100: 70 kg | 154 lb.
MiR200: 170 kg | 374 lb.
MiR250: 220 kg | 485 lb.
Distance Between the Arms:140 mm | 5.5 in.
Application Weight:30 kg | 66 lb.
Color:RAL 7011 & RAL 5011
Lifting Capacity:30 mm | 1.2 in
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