PackOS Optimizes Your Packaging Processes


PackOS, a web-based, knowledge-sharing system, is designed to augment Sealed Air’s packaging materials and equipment with intelligence, helping users to work smarter.


PackOS is focused on sharing knowledge with operations managers, packaging engineers, and packers so that they can meet many packaging challenges. The PackOS knowledge system offers multiple modules designed to optimize and control specific packaging processes, leading to decreases in operating costs and increases in fulfillment efficiencies.


The PackOS solution uses an Internet of Things (IoT) driven platform with Cloud-based processing technologies and is capable of supporting a wide range of packaging equipment and materials. The application can be run from any internet-connected device, such as a computer, tablet or mobile phone. The PackOS Recipe module is designed to ensure pack consistency when implementing new pack designs and training packers.


How-to-Pack Recipes are step-by-step instructions that visually walk a packer through precise packaging techniques for any recipe, and provide packers with the ability to either manual page thru each step at their own pace, or automatically sequence through each recipe step based on defined time frames. Videos are a beneficial component of the recipe functionality, allowing packers to see the entire packaging process prior to running the recipes.


PackOS Recipes provide numerous advantages, regardless of the complexity of a pack design, the experience of the packer or the frequency of running a particular pack. Global trends such as greater supply chain complexity, the growth of e-commerce and parcel shipping, and the demand for sustainable products are accelerating the evolution of the packaging industry. These trends have created challenges in areas such as: optimizing pack design, developing skilled labor, minimizing shipping damage, and maximizing fulfillment speed.


    • Onboard new packers quickly and launch new pack designs with a standardized process.
    • Demonstrate even the most complex packing techniques by using a combination of images and videos.
    • Improve packer efficiency and machine utilization by ensuring consistent packaging, leading to decreased shipping damage and efficient use of packaging materials.
    • Reduce waste by eliminating packer mistakes and increasing pack consistency.
    • Manage product presentation through a consistent pack, providing a positive customer unboxing experience.
    • PackOS recipes support a wide range of packing materials and techniques. When it comes to the SpeedyPacker Insight, PackOS recipes can automatically initiate production of the foam-in-place bags.
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