Performance-Boosting EDM Control System


The unified Hyper-i control system improves the interface between operator and machine by providing the same streamlined operation to both wire EDM and sinker EDM machines, controllable via smart phone or tablet using intuitive gestures such as "pinching" and "swiping."

While most wire and sinker EDM machines use different interfaces that require operators to learn separate control standards, the uniform Hyper-i control systems allow operators to more easily transition from one machine to the next and efficiently process work for any EDM application.


  • EZCut, which allows the operator to change machining speed with a convenient slide bar
  • ECO Mode that enables energy reduction during machine idle state
  • Automatic creation of machine utilization charts to help measure and assess operational efficiency
  • Pinch, swipe and spread gestures
  • On-board digital manuals, intelligent help functions, and e-Learning training system
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