POWERBANK MAX Battery Energy Storage System


2023 NED Innovation Award Winner

Revolutionizing the industrial energy storage space, the POWRBANK MAX, a 500 kVA+ solution, meets extended use cases for high-capacity equipment. The power capability of POWRBANK MAX has accelerated the transition to sustainable energy by helping cut CO2 emissions, reduce dependency on diesel, and improve energy efficiency. POWRBANK significantly reduces generator run time, offsets CO2 emissions, and eliminates unnecessary noise. 


The POWRBANK MAX is a rental-ready, emission-free, silent power solution. Designed with the construction and rental industries in mind, the POWRBANK MAX handles temporary-power applications including, but not limited to, tower cranes, large pumps, and hoists.


Previous POWRBANK models handled the low load periods, while the generator handled the load spikes. The POWRBANK MAX can handle both the peak load as well as the low load. The power generator is only used to recharge the battery.


Available sizes are 250 and 500 kW. Depending on the size of the POWRBANK and the generator, a full charge can be reached in 1 hour. That means, when power is required 24 hours a day, generator runtime is shortened from 24 hours down to just 1 h/day.



  • Tower Cranes; Concrete Mixers; Hoists; Water Dams; De-Watering
  • Batch Cooling; Cyclic Chiller Applications; Motor Starting w/T4F; Backup Power
  • Capacitive load mitigation
  • Run mining equipment and rock crushers
 MAX 250/480MAX 250/400MAX 500/480MAX 500/400


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