ProCamPAC PRO Programmable Limit Switch


Designed for the SmartPAC PRO press automation controller, the ProCamPAC PRO Programmable Limit Switch (PLS) builds on the functionality of the ProCamPAC PLS. The PRO version features five additional cam timing options that provide flexibility and functionality.


A Toggle Cam Output performs an asymmetrical toggle function, turning an output off or on for different stroke amounts. The output can be used to operate diverter gates and to control complex gagging operations.


The On/Off Counter Cam Output precisely controls functions that need to operate at a preset interval. Operating similarly, a Pulsed Counter Cam Output is programmed with an “on angle” and a dwell time instead of an on-off output.


Useful when running configurable tooling, a Channel Always On Cam Output will simply turn on and stay on until a new tool is loaded. The PLS also features a Triggered Cam Output which actuates a precision one-time cam timing signal based on a preset trigger. This output type is ideal for diverting parts during a warm-up period, QC checks or when bad parts are determined by an outside measuring system.


  • Toggle Cam Output
  • On/Off Counter Cam Output
  • Pulsed Counter Cam Output
  • Channel Always On Cam Output
  • Triggered Cam Output
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