FasTest announces FasCal Lever series calibration connectors designed for fast, safe and repeatable connections to all types of transmitters. Levers are simply hand-squeezed and inserted into 1/4" threaded ports. Upon release of the lever, an instant leak-tight and high-pressure connection is formed, delivering greater productivity and safety to test and manufacturing processes and increasing calibration efficiency by five times compared to traditional connection methods.

The lever-actuated connecters feature a patented pressure-assisted, grip-and-seal design that facilitates easy connections to threaded profiles—reliably and quickly. The plug-and-play connectors eliminate tape and sealants that can contaminate process media in addition to causing thread wear and damage. Connections are formed without wrench tightening, reducing operator stress injuries caused by repetitive attachments and allowing technicians to calibrate a large quantity of instruments in a short period of time.

Lever series connectors are pressure rated to 5,000 psi and offer a safety feature to prevent accidental disconnects. As the pressure is increased, the connectors secure themselves into the port so they cannot be manually disconnected until pressure is reduced. The connectors offer stainless steel construction, making them an ideal calibration connection solution for a wide range of demanding applications, including:

Food & Beverage

Lever series connectors are available individually or as part of a FasCal Kit that includes a broad variety of commonly used calibration connection devices, providing a complete toolset for shops or service vehicles.
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