Protect Surfaces without Residue


3M Self-Stick Liquid Protection Fabric provides manufacturing and industrial plant managers a temporary, conformable surface covering that adheres to most surfaces, but removes easily and leaves no residue after the work is completed.


It is applicable to a variety of industries, from aerospace, marine and vehicle manufacturing and repair to metalworking, furniture production and woodworking, assembly plants and other industrial production locations.


3M Self-Stick Liquid Protection Fabric replaces paper-and-tape or other surface coverings that frequently become soggy, slippery and leak to surrounding areas. By holding out fluids and trapping debris, the product allows for easy cleanup and removal of industrial contaminants.  The low-tack adhesive backing keeps the material secure on smooth surfaces for improved traction.  This may help to reduce the likelihood of slips and falls.  In addition, it also protects surfaces from light impact and abrasions from tools and equipment. 


A key feature of 3M Self-Stick Liquid Protection Fabric is its nonwoven surface, which traps contaminants rather than just allowing them to land.  This keeps them from spreading around due to sweeping or foot traffic, and keeps particles out of work spaces, off of the work itself and out of sensitive machinery that needs to be disassembled and cleaned.


3M Self-Stick Liquid Protection Fabric is available in 300’ rolls in widths of 4”, 6”, 14” 28”, 36”, 48” and 56”.  Available magnetic dispenser and wall and floor applicators make applying the material fast and simple.  To learn more, contact your 3M representative or authorized 3M distributor, or visit

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