Protocol Converter


RLE Technologies announces the release of the Protocol  Converter (FDS-PC), a solution that enables communication between equipment and  systems that employ differing protocols. The Protocol Converter connects directly to equipment and converts the SNMP,  BACnet, and Modbus protocols to one or more of these same protocols for  integration into a building management system (BMS) or network management  system (NMS).

The protocol  converter is ideal for situations where data from monitored equipment is  incompatible with the protocols used by the BMS or NMS, such as in cases where  legacy monitoring systems are present. The ability of the protocol converter to  accept up to 1,024 inputs over 32 modules means flexible integration with  multiple alarm and management systems using one simple device.

“Our products are designed to provide true convergence,  giving customers one centralized and intuitive way to deal with all the  protocols that keep facilities running. We designed the Protocol Converter with  these standards in mind. It’s an effective, cost-efficient solution that bridges  the gap between varying equipment and management systems.” – Mike Orlich, CEO.


  • enables communication between equipment and  systems
  • connects directly to equipment
  • accepts up to 1,024 inputs over 32 modules
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