Pump Delivers Precise Fluid Control


The valveless, Fluid Transfer Pump has precision fluid control for process instrumentation. It is equipped with CeramPump pumping technology, the long life performance of a brushless DC motor, and integral driver electronics.  All that is needed is a 24VDC input power supply making this pump an easy drop-in for existing instrumentation designs.


FMI’s unique CeramPump valveless piston fluid control technology utilizes one moving part, a rotating and reciprocating ceramic piston to accomplish all fluid control functions within the pump, thereby eliminating the need for check valves typical of reciprocating pump designs. 



  • Valveless fluid control technology having only one moving part in fluid path
  • Compact design with integral electronics
  • 24 V brushless DC motor
  • Sapphire-hard, dimensionally stable ceramic internal components
  • Inert fluid path for maximum chemical compatibility
  • Factory calibrated for flow rates from 20 mL/min to 400 mL/min.
  • Will maintain calibration precision of 1% for millions of cycles
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