Racer3 Flexible 6-Axis Robot


Racer3 is a high-speed, 6-axis articulated robot featuring a payload of 3 kg and a reach of 630 mm. With a streamlined design and brushed metal exterior, the robot moves with absolute precision and repeatability. Built from high-strength aluminum, the robot weighs just 66 lb. and can be easily mounted on benches, walls, ceilings or on inclined supports.


Created for general industry sectors, including food & beverage, electronics, plastics, metalworking, and more, Racer3 has a wide and very flexible work area. Its rigid construction ensures higher precision and repeatability, whereas the hollow body construction optimizes the fluid transition of cables. Racer3 can also be easily transported and installed almost anywhere, guaranteeing maximum deployability.


 Axes 6
 Max. Wrist Payload 7 lb. (3 kg)
 Add. Load on Forearm 4 lb. (2 kg)
 Max. Horizontal Reach 25 in. (630 mm)
 Torque on Axis 4 7.36 Nm
 Torque on Axis 5
 Torque on Axis 6 4.41 Nm
 Stroke on Axis 1 +/- 170-deg. (430-deg./s)
 Stroke on Axis 2 -95/+135-deg. (450-deg./s)
 Stroke on Axis 3 -155/+90-deg. (500-deg./s)
 Stroke on Axis 4 +/- 200-deg. (600-deg./s)
 Stroke on Axis 5 +/- 125-deg. (600-deg./s)
 Stroke on Axis 6 +/- 2,700-deg. (900-deg. /s)
 Repeatability 0.0008 in. (0.02 mm)
 Tool Coupling Flange ISO 9409 –1 – A25
 Protection IP54
 Mounting Floor/Ceiling/Sloping/Wall
 Operating Areas A 3.5 ft (1 m)
 Operating Areas B 25 in. (630 mm)
 Operating Areas C 1 in. (37 mm)
 Operating Areas D 21 in. (530 mm)
 Operating Areas E 5 in. (136 mm)



  • Plastics
  • Metalworking
  • Food & Beverage
  • Electronics
  • More...

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Very nice and innovative Product for robotics!
This kind of equipment will be need in the near future time for replacing human task which are made boring or routines job. So, human capacity can be utilize for jobs which is needed human thinking.