Raised Stopper Inspection (RSI) Machine for Freeze-Dried Vials


The Raised Stopper Inspection (RSI) machine verifies the proper sealing of freeze-dried vials. Functioning as a standalone machine, the RSI is designed for installation in A-Grade-A cleanrooms and operates via laminar airflow (LAF). With an overall length of just 30 in. (760 mm), the machine is easily installed in existing lines.


To identify stoppers not wholly adhered to the vial collar, the machine features a 0.04-in. (1-mm) detection threshold and can inspect up to 300 units/min. The module is compatible with a wide array of vials, spanning from 0.3 to 10 fl. oz. (10 to 300 ml) with a 0.8 to 1 in. (20 to 32 mm) cap range.

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