RevX-E Eddy Current Separators


The RevX-E, the newest eccentric eddy current separator from Eriez, gives customers the same high-quality performance as previous units in a more maintenance-friendly package.


Eriez’s RevX-E Eddy Current Separators feature an eccentrically mounted magnetic rotor within a non-conductive shell for the separation of nonferrous metals. The rare earth rotor produces a powerful field focused at the end of the belt.


The RevX-E’s updated design takes up less floor space and incorporates a cantilevered frame which enables maintenance staff to change the belt in less than 10 minutes. A new hood with an adjustable splitter allows operators to handle nonferrous materials in varying sizes and ensures optimum separation. Large access panels all around the machine make an entry for maintenance hassle-free. Units also include a direct drive for both the rotor and conveyor. 


The RevX-E is available in two models: ST22 and LT2. Both models are manufactured on the same eddy current separator framework.


ST22 features a 22-pole rare earth eccentric rotor and is designed to handle fine materials that are less than 1-in. This rotor option offers a high pole change frequency for the removal of fine nonferrous metals from shredded plastics/PET flake.


LT2 features an eight-pole rare earth eccentric rotor and is designed to handle 1-in. and larger coarse materials. This rotor option offers a deep, high-powered eddy current field that allows for the removal of larger nonferrous metals such as crushed aluminum cans from a PET bottle stream.

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