Robot Vision Camera Calculates 3D Point Clouds


The Ensenso XR stereo camera can calculate 3D point clouds itself and then transmits the data via Gigabit Ethernet or WiFi to a host PC for further analysis. The advantages of this camera series include a significantly faster 3D data generation and reduced load on bandwidth and connected PCs.


Models of the Ensenso N and X series make use of an industrial computer to calculate 3D point clouds. Since Ensenso XR cameras can handle the calculations themselves and transmit only the results, 3D data can be generated twice as fast, depending on the parameterization. Another advantage of the series is that if data is transmitted via WiFi, only one cable (for power supply) needs to be connected to the camera.


  • Faster creation of 3D point clouds (compared to creation by host PC)
  • Reduced network bandwidth load due to direct results
  • Reduction of the computing load on the host PC
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