Rotary Die Cutting Technology Features Automated Delivery for In-Mold Labeling Systems


Schober USA introduces the RSM-410-IML/SMA, the newest version of the popular and successful RSM family of rotary die cutting machines.  This latest technology features automated delivery systems for the production of in-mold labels, and is well suited for the 5-panel labels that are common with consumer packaged goods. 
This new Schober model allows for the economical die-cutting of intricate labels with technology proven to last for many years.     It will be demonstrated at IPEX 2010 in Birmingham, England on May 18-25, in booth 20-C678.

The RSM-410-IML/SMA has a working width of 410 mm (16.14 inches).  Additional models with widths of 260mm (10 ¼ in), 330mm (13 in), 430mm (16.93 in), 520mm (20.47), and 550mm (21.65) are available.  Proven components include a heavy duty rotary die-cutting station, automated web guides, continuously monitored re-insertion, vacuum controlled product flow, and static neutralizer.  An automated star-wheel delivery system allows the stacked labels to be collected, collated and removed for further processing or off-line handling.   This innovative system unwinds label rolls, die-cuts labels, counts, stacks and delivers labels, re-winds waste matrix tension controlled, and is suitable for labels of any size and complexity.  Registration is constantly monitored (customers report + 0.004" contour and a 0.008 die cut to print accuracy) so that a print-to-cut accuracy of .015” is maintained at 95% of production. 

Pneumatic roll lifting capacity is 440 to 1135 pounds.  Die cutting module with high-precision bearing assembly and an innovative “on-the-fly” die to anvil adjustment is included – with die cutting cylinders of up to 36 inches in circumference.  A vacuum generator is included for the vacuum conveyor which collects die-cut labels prior to stacking. 

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