Sealed 3-Finger Centric Gripper


SCHUNK introduces additional sizes of its sealed 3-finger centric grippers, DPZ-plus. The DPZ-plus sizes 40 and 50 are designed for the automated handling of small, round components under extreme environmental conditions. This sealed 3-finger centric gripper is sealed to meet IP 67 requirements against the penetration of contaminants and is therefore ideally suited to handle rough and dirty workpieces. Even for under-water applications or in environments with abrasive dust, its protection is assured. The base jaws of the sealed 3-finger centric grippers consist of two sections: a circular guide with wiper seal for a permanent, reliable seal, and a sturdy multi-tooth guide for the precise handling of rough and/or dirty workpieces. The DPZ-plus offers high bearing load capacities which allow for mounting of longer gripper fingers. A vent part prevents differences in pressure, which can draw debris through the seals into the gripper. This ensures that the girpper remains completely sealed, even under water! The circular piston drive adopted from the PZN-plus has a gripping force of 230 (51 lbf) in the DPZ-plus 40 and 290 N (65 lbf) in the DPZ-plus 50, on strokes of 2.5 or 4 mm per finger. The combination of internal multi-tooth guide and external circular guide is extremely stable and ensures that the DPZ-plus 40/50 performs its task with sustained precision. The air supply can also be connected directly without hoses, and the gripper can be fastened on one side in two screw-directions.


• Stroke per jaw mm [in] : 14.0 [0.551] • Opening force N [lbf] : 16800.0 [3777] • Min. spring force N [lbf] : 4740.0 [1066] • Weight kg [lbs] : 20.1 [44.31] • Recommended workpiece weightkg [lbs] : 60.0 [132.28] • Air consumption per double strokecm3[in3] : 1725.0 [105.27] • Minimum pressure bar [psi] : 4.0 [58] • Maximum pressure bar [psi] : 6.5 [94] • Nominal operating pressurebar [psi] : 6.0 [87] • Closing time s : 1.8 • Opening time s : 1.2 • Max. permitted finger lengthmm [in] : 100.0 [3.937] • Max. permitted weight per fingerkg [lbs] : 5.5 [12.13] • IP rating : 67 • Max. permitted finger lengthmm [in] : 100.0 [3.937] • Max. permitted weight per fingerkg [lbs] : 5.5 [12.13] • Repeat accuracy mm [in] : 0.05 [0.0020]

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