Series 22 Twin-Spindle Precision Machining Center


The twin-spindle series DZ 22, with a spindle clearance of 600 mm, is designed to completely and rapidly machine complex, large workpieces including housings for electric motors and transmissions, oil pumps, chassis components, and more.


The Series 22 combines both high-speed and high-precision processing for complete production of even large high-precision components. Featuring two workpiece-changing table variants, part capacities are generous—the 4-axis trunnion plate version handles 680 x 1,330 mm dia., up to 600 kg; and the twin-spindle 5-axis version handles 2 x 599 mm x 340 mm dia., up to 150 kg.


The key to the success of the small-footprint innovative machine concept is a machine platform using a moving gantry design. The rigid machine bed and active component cooling enable the required degree of precision on the workpiece. High acceleration—X-Y-Z max. 10-10-17 m/s²—in all axes and rapid response to programming inputs ensure dynamic machining as never before seen with workpiece dimensions of this size range. Axis travel distances are X-Y-Z max. 620-650-600 mm and rapid traverse speeds X-Y-Z max. up to 120-120-90 m/min.


In addition to precision and dynamics, Series 22 also offers impressive flexibility. From very complex workpieces or product series with many different tools: The magazines offer space for up to 77 tools and, thanks to the integrated workpiece changer, the workpieces are loaded and unloaded during machining, saving cycle time. Tool change time from 3.1 sec., chip-to-chip.


  • Reliably high productivity
  • Highest precision and processing quality
  • Low space requirement
  • Fast set-up
  • Simple operation
  • High stability
  • High dynamics
  • Easy maintenance
Travel X-Y-Z620-650-600 mm
Power, Max.61,00 kW
Spindle Distance DZ With Two Spindles600 mm
Spindle Speed20.000 min-1
Chip-to-Chip Time Fromfrom 3,1 s
Axis Acceleration, Max. X-Y-Z10-10-17 m/s2
Rapid Feed, Max.75-75-75 m/min
Number of Tools, Max.2 x 77
Tool TaperHSK-A63 / HSK-A100 / HSK-T63
Workpiece Weight Max.600 kg
Workpiece Diameter Max.599 mm
Workpiece Height Max.340 mm
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