Smart Elbow® Conveying Elbow Saves Thousands vs. Sweep Elbows In New Literature


New literature from process equipment manufacturer
HammerTek Corp., Landisville, Pa., ( reveals how the
company’s Smart Elbow® conveying elbow substantially cut costs at 12
different installations. In case history featurettes, “The Smart Elbow
- Built to Endure” describes how replacing worn sweep elbows in
pneumatic, liquid, slurry and steam conveying lines with Smart Elbows
eliminated frequent leaks along with their resulting costs in product
loss, repair and replacement, production line downtime and product and
facility contamination while preventing exposure to OSHA and EPA
compliance risk. The case history featurettes highlight installations
in water/wastewater treatment, power generation, trash-to-energy and a
variety of processing plants including food, beverage, plastics and
Developed for process engineers, plant managers, maintenance engineers
and other professionals, the literature provides a detailed cost
analysis from an actual installation illustrating how the Smart Elbow
saved a processor $169,600.00 over five years vs. long radius sweep
elbows. The $217,000.00 needed to replace ordinary sweep elbows every
four months over the five years was eliminated along with associated
costs whereas the Smart Elbows did not require replacement after five
years in service.

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