Smart Lift Forks


Wireless mobile scale forks allow operators to transport and weigh pallet loads simultaneously with no external cabling required. Boasting an extra thin profile, iFork XT Pro models fit easily into the notched four-way side of a GMA pallet, allowing users to maximize the cube of their trailers while reducing cycle times and increasing effective floor space. The weighing system can be easily installed on any forklift truck in minutes.

iForks XT Pro offer the same precise performance as standard iForks, nominally down-rate forklift capacity, can easily be integrated with side shifting fork positioners, and, by not obstructing the driver's view, contribute to safer operation.  All components are fully integrated into the forks with no external cabling.  The weighing system can be installed on any forklift truck in a matter of minutes with “plug and weigh” simplicity.


  • Capacity: 5,000 lb
  • Dimensions: 1.9 in. thick, 6.4 in wide, 42 and 48 in long
  • Applications: 3PL, warehousing and freight applications

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