Smart Power Quality and Utility Analyzer


Carlo Gavazzi Inc. is proud to present its newest addition to their extensive Energy Management product lineup, the WM30-96, Smart Modular Power Analyzer. This innovative, three-phase power analyzer offers an upgraded LCD display, capable of showing four electrical variables, an energy counter and a power demand indicator at the same time.

     The WM30-96 is particularly recommended for utility metering, for both imported and exported energy, and  provides accurate electrical parameter measurements with 0.2% accuracy (current/voltage) and basic power quality analysis, up to the 32nd harmonic. Additionally, the analyzer can be provided with digital outputs that can be utilized for pulse (proportional to the active or reactive energy) and/or alarm outputs. The WM30-96 offers 4 communication options: RS485, RS232, Ethernet and BACNet-IP; as well as relay, transistor and analog outputs. Some of key technical specifications include:
•    Modular meter: main module plus up to three optional expansion modules
•    Works with single, two and three phase systems
•    400/690 VLL or 100/208VLL versions available
•    90-260V AC/DC or 18-60V AC/DC power supply options
•    0.2% current/voltage accuracy
•    Class 0.5 (kWh) according to ANSI C21.1 (revenue grade)
•    Communication protocols: MODBUS-RTU, iFIX SCADA compatibility, MODBUS TCP/IP Ethernet, BACNet-IP over Ethernet
•    System variables: VLL, VLN, AL, AN (calc.), VA, W, var, PF, phase sequence, asymmetry
•    Harmonic analysis up to 32nd V and I

•    Energy measurement: imported/exported, total and partial kWh and kvarh 
•    Works with PowerSoft, Carlo Gavazzi Energy Management software
•    Real time clock
•    Run hours counter
•    Front protection: IP65, NEMA 4X, NEMA12
•    Up to 2 digital outputs
•    Up to 4 freely configurable virtual alarms
•    Up to two analog outputs (+20mA, +10VDC)
•    Application adaptive display and programming procedure
•    96x96mm front panel dimension
•    Depth behind panel: 30mm / 82mm, without / with 3 expansion modules

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