Solenoid Pump Series


Designed for the rigorous environments that require finite fluid control, the SSDP miniature fixed-displacement solenoid pump is an ideal replacement for diaphragm and peristaltic pumps. With few moving parts, the SSDP works like an automatic syringe. Options include the SSDP15/30/60 for tubing sizes, seals, and duty cycling.


An internal diaphragm uses little power to draw media into the device when energized and expels and seals off flow when deactivated, eliminating the need for an external shut-off valve.


Capable of self-priming when located up to 9.8 ft (3 m) above its fluid reservoir, manual priming is also possible by cycling the pump rapidly until no bubbles are visible in the outlet tube or by applying a vacuum to the outlet after the pump is actuated to draw fluid through. Once primed, each valve should yield a consistent dose volume. Operating frequency can be varied up to 5Hz to affect the flow rate of the pump.


  • Options for SSDP15/30/60 for tubing sizes, seals, and duty cycling
  • Maximum cycle rate of 6Hz, designed for up to 20 million cycles of service
  • Indicator light option
  • Environmentally-resistant packaging
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