Sunlight Readable Touch Screen


TRU-Vu Monitors, a leading supplier of industrial-grade monitors and touch screens, has released a new 15” Sunlight Readable touch screen monitor with a waterproof stainless steel panel-mount enclosure.


The new SRMHTRWP-15V features a 15” screen with over 1,500 nits of brightness. (This is over 5X brighter than a standard desktop monitor).  This makes it ideal for use in direct sunlight or other high ambient-light conditions.


The 5-wire resistive touch screen can be activated by a bare or gloved finger, pen, stylus or nearly any other object.  It is highly resistant to dirt, dust or moisture on the screen.


The waterproof stainless steel panel-mount enclosure enables this model to be flush-mounted into a wall, cabinet, control panel or on a ship.  The NEMA 4X water-resistant front face withstands splashing or spraying water. The SRMHTRWP-15V is ideal for use in industrial, manufacturing, food processing, marine, automation control, military and other applications.  It can also be modified or customized to meet your exact requirements.

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