Schroeder Industries, a recognized leader in filtration and fluid conditioning products, introduces the Testmate Monitoring Unit (TMU) for the measurement of solid particle contamination in hydraulic systems.  The TMU is furnished in a robust carrying case and with all components housed beneath a single surface containing a digital display, input controls, power switch, and connection points for power supply and fluid inlet & outlet ports.  Its packaging makes it a useful contamination monitor that can be toted easily from one location to another.  The TMU incorporates an optical sensor and measures particles in four sizes:  >4, >6, >14, and >21 microns.

The TMU is used in applications such as hydraulic systems, service for mobile hydraulics, and maintenance, and features an automatic measurement and display of cleanliness ratings as ISO 4406:1999, SAE AS 4059, and NAS 1638.  Measurement accuracy on the TMU is +/- ½ ISO code and has a viscosity range of 46 to 1622 SUS. The integrated pump and the hoses with test point connections allow operation on reservoirs, control circuits, and high pressure circuits.

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