Tethered Tool System


To help workers at height do their jobs more safely, GEARWRENCH is launching a new class of tethering tools and tether-ready tools.


GEARWRENCH offers a broad line of tether-ready hand tools including ratchets, wrenches, pliers, and tethering accessories to retrofit additional hand tools to be tether ready. GEARWRENCH tether-ready ratchets have a patented two-step locking quick-release ratchet design that makes unintentional socket drops virtually impossible. Each tether-ready product offers the same quality as its standard tools but with one of three tethering features:

  1. an integrated tether-ready through-hole to easily connect to any tethering system,
  2. a D-ring web tether and self-sealing tether tape, or
  3. a split ring.


Ideally, all tools used at height would have tether attachment points, but since that is not always possible, GEARWRENCH tethering tools allow technicians to quickly and safely make nearly every tool tether-ready. The wide range of solutions includes carabiner lanyards, coiled cable lanyards, detachable lanyard and loops, elastic loop tails, wrist tool lanyards, tether wristbands, self-sealing tether tape, D-ring webs, tether heat shrink, tether cold shrink, tether shackles, tether split rings, and a 10-piece tool tethering kit.

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