Top Module/Cart Solution


As a top module/cart combo, the TMS-C500 Ext and S-Cart500Ext enable the MiR250 mobile robot to carry up to 1102 lb. (500 kg).


The top module also allows transportation of larger cargo with up to 47.2 in. (119.9 cm) length without compromising safety; it features an easily accessible emergency stop button.


Increased tilt stability is provided by the longer wheelbase of the S-Cart500 Ext.


No docking stations or affixed floor space is needed for pickups as the cart solution picks up and drops off the S-Cart in free space.


The TMS-C500 Ext comes with ROEQ Assist software that loads pre-coded missions into the MiR robot which can then be modified in the MiR interface, resulting in quick and consistent application deployments for robust AMR setups throughout the facility.


ROEQ’s standardized mobile robotic equipment is not just fully compatible with the MiR AMRs, but it also supports AMR deployments that are fully compliant with applicable safety regulations.


TMS-C500 Ext

  • Doubles the payload potential of your MiR250 robot
  • Extended cargo area for longer loads up to 47.2 in. (120 cm)
  • Pick up and drop off in free space – docking station not required
  • Multiple carts can be used in the same setup – allowing for transportation of various kinds of goods
  • Safety zones adjust automatically when the TMS-C500 Ext attach to ROEQ cart
  • Comes with safety configuration and ROEQ Assist software that is fully compatible with MiR software and includes missions to make it easy to get your solution up and running


  • Increased tilt stability
  • Designed for transport of longer goods
  • Middle wheels for better maneuverability
  • Pick up and drop off in free space
  • Attachment holes in the corners for attaching customized equipment
  • Comes with one ESD wheel as standard
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