TorkRite Gas Actuator Garage Door Lift System


2023 NED Innovation Award Finalist

TorkRite is a high-cycle counterbalance system for vertical, high-lift, and standard-lift sectional overhead doors (garage and dock). It's also an alternative to the traditional torsion spring. This counterbalance system uses a gas spring and adaptive hardware that enables it to provide a highly reliable, safe, and controlled motion of the door.


TorkRite was independently tested to deliver over 350,000 cycles of use without replacing any components and delivers a greater ROI than torsion springs with less cost to maintain since there is very seldom service necessary. Gas springs are contained within a track system and compressed with a cordless drill and tool making installation and other door service safer than torsion springs.


TorkRite achieves a better balance with a damped motion that eliminates rebound and freewheel rolling which prevents injury and damage to the door system. It's ideal for companies that would like to self-perform their door service.

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