Trace Data Collection Software


Trace R130 is a change management software that delivers daily snapshots of control system configuration, changes, and engineering anomalies that help amplify users’ situational awareness, enabling optimization of system management.


As a result of the latest intellectual property and patented data collection techniques, the new release reduces total data collection time from days or even weeks to four to six hours for most systems. Trace captures the data with zero performance impact to the control system. The software also decreases incident troubleshooting time by up to 40%, offering a holistic view into system performance that helps to improve quality and reduce downtime.


Process engineers or technicians using Trace R130 can be up to 50% more productive thanks to the consistent availability of accurate system information, enabling them to better plan daily maintenance, troubleshooting, quality and performance improvement activities


  • Custom display files
  • Seamless navigation across multiple system views to facilitate investigations
  • Column filtering and re-sizing capabilities that enable clearer visibility of anomalies and changes 
  • Expanded storage capabilities
  • Improved detailed parameter data and search functionality
  • System-class licenses that can be migrated along with users to future upgrades
  • New perpetual and term licensing options
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