MiR Insights for AMR Fleet Optimization


2023 NED Innovation Award Winner

To optimize fleets of AMRs, MiR Insights is a cloud-based application that provides precise and actionable data on the fleet’s performance and how they interact with their physical environment, enabling the fleet owners to improve performance and uptime to achieve a faster return on investment.


It answers questions such as: 

  • What was the overall mission effectiveness of the robot fleet this week? 
  • Do we have any specific areas in our production where our robots encounter recurring challenges? 
  • How have the changes we implemented on the factory floor last month impacted robot throughput? 

Data dashboards monitor key performance indicators such as distance driven, completed missions, and robot utilization rate. Heatmaps track robot activity over time and physical locations and visualize areas with poor Wi-Fi coverage and potential robot traffic bottlenecks.


MiR Insights is hosted on Microsoft Azure and is used in connection with MiR Fleet, MiR’s fleet management software. MiR Insights reads data from MiR Fleet but does not interfere with fleet operations or individual robot control, or adjust fleet settings. The data interface is very flexible with options for data visualization as well as an API to port raw data for use in external systems.


  • Track KPIs such as distance driven, completed missions, and robot utilization rate
  • Identify when specific events occurred, such as abrupt Wi-Fi signal changes or unexpected workflow interruptions to self-troubleshoot and maximize the uptime of your MiR robots
  • Correlate data across multiple robots to analyze areas where you can improve the performance of your fleet and increase overall productivity
  • Detect areas with poor Wi-Fi coverage or with overlapping access points to ensure that the robots operate efficiently and reliably
  • Monitor high-traffic areas during peak times of the day to optimize your usage of MiR robots and avoid potential bottlenecks
  • Find precise locations in your map where robots intersect more frequently to improve your mission planning and increase throughput
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