TRU TEMP Stainless Black Oxide Finish for Stainless Steel


TRU TEMP Stainless Black Oxide for stainless steel forms a black magnetite finish when applied on stainless steel parts and is effective for finishing series 200, 300, 400, and 17-4 pH stainless steel. It creates a protective black finish (0.000020 in. (0.5 µ) thick) which has an attractive satin black appearance equal to that of hot black oxide.


The blackening process is used as part of a two-stage chemical reaction, beginning with an activation step with a dilute muriatic acid solution. The stainless-steel surface is then oxidized to form a uniform black coating that can be sealed with an appropriate rust-preventive topcoat for optimum appearance and corrosion resistance.


Operating at 200 to 210°F (93 to 98°C), TRU TEMP Stainless finishes parts at a much lower temperature than traditional hot black oxide that operates at 250 to 260°F (121 to 126°C). Additionally, it uses zero chrome in the formulation and uses 30 to 40% less caustic content than other finishes, making it a more user-friendly and environmentally-friendly finishing option.


Finishing parts is fast and in the most common finishing line configuration completes the blackening in under an hour in a 7-step process which includes clean, rinse, activation, rinse, blackening, rinse, and sealing. TRU TEMP Stainless meets compliancy initiatives including MIL-DTL-13924 Class 4 compliant.

Free Sample: Birchwood Technologies provides free sample finishing for shops to evaluate TRU TEMP Stainless for their parts. To request sample finishing authorization, visit this link:
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