TrueSite Workstation BISU


The TrueSite Workstation (TSW) Building System Information Unit (BSIU) allows for easier control of facility fire and life safety networks from a single location while improving site safety and reactivity. Johnson Controls is one of the first companies in the fire protection industry to offer a BSIU that eliminates the need for costly UL864-listed computers while providing a vastly improved graphic interface.


The BSIU offers cost savings for end-users compared to previous systems that had to be UL864-Listed. Updates to the 2019 edition of NFPA-72 now permit fire alarm systems to be monitored and controlled using the BSIU when it is in the same room as the fire alarm control unit. While the BSIU replicates the functions of the fire alarm control unit, it makes controlling the system simpler, provides easier to understand information, and overall better instruct operators on proper alert responses.



The TSW BSIU is an ideal, cost-effective option for architects and engineers who specify fire and life safety solutions for their projects, contractors who build structures with fire and life safety needs, and current building operators and their staff who want a user-friendly alternative to manage their system.



  • Enables fast, efficient response to emergency situations through automated color-coded action messages, customizable WAV file-based audio notifications, and detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to respond to the specific condition.
  • The simultaneous display of graphical and textual alarm data on up to four screens helps system operators quickly assess system activity and respond rapidly to an emergency.
  • Highly configurable email event notification capabilities extend the power of the system to mobile and offsite team members.
  • High-resolution color graphics, an advanced graphical user interface, and touchscreen or mouse-driven access enable intuitive operator control.
  • The ability to display building site plans and pan and zoom makes it easy to zero in on a specific point of interest.
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