TS 2 Booster Workpiece Pallet


Rexroth has expanded its range of linear motor transfer systems while opening up new possibilities for the established TS 2plus transfer system with the TS 2 Booster Workpiece Pallet. The assembly reduces cycle times, positions workpiece pallets with great precision, and can be integrated in a modular, flexible manner.


The workpiece pallet is setting standards when it comes to speed, modularity, and configurability. The TS 2 Booster was developed as a component for the established TS 2plus and helps the multi-talented transfer system to achieve new degrees of freedom and flexibility. The rapid intake system seamlessly takes the workpiece pallet from linear motor-driven sections and accelerates it to 3 g. This significantly reduces cycle times as the workpieces spend much less unproductive time before and in the stations.


The TS 2 Booster positions the workpiece pallet exactly—without additional positioning units, stop gates or handling systems. This also means that it can replace a process axis. The pre-configured and standardized assembly can easily be integrated into TS 2plus systems, ensuring quick installation times.


The TS 2 Booster allows for efficient processes in the automotive, electronics production, and health care sectors, as well as in controlled environments and clean rooms. It features a maximum acceleration of 3 g / 30 m/s², speeds of up to 3 m/s, transports workpieces with a length of between 160 to 640 mm and a width of between 160 to 400 mm, and is suitable for loads weighing up to 40 kg depending on the workpiece pallet size. In the process, it achieves a workpiece pallet changeover time of up to 0.5 seconds.


  • Acceleration max. 4 g / 40 m/s²
  • Speed max. 4 m/s (240 m/min) 
  • Workpiece pallet lengths from 160 to 640 mm
  • Workpiece pallet width from 160 to 400 mm
  • Workpiece pallet change time 0.5 s at pallet length of 160 mm
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