uEye Warp10 Industrial Cameras


With 10GigE, the uEye Warp10 is a camera family that transmits data in the Gigabit Ethernet-based network at a very high frame rate and virtually without delay. Compared to 1GigE cameras, the uEye Warp10 models achieve up to 10 times the transmission bandwidth; they are also about twice as fast as cameras with USB 3.0 interfaces. The advantages become particularly apparent when scenes are to be captured, monitored, and analyzed in all details and without motion blur. Consequently, applications such as inspection applications on the production line with high clock speeds benefit from the fast data transfer.


The GigE Vision standard-compliant industrial cameras enable high-speed data transfer over cable lengths of up to 328.1 ft (100 m) without repeaters or optical extenders via standard CAT6A cables with RJ45 connectors. The robust uEye Warp10 cameras are initially offered with C-mount lens holders. The first models with the IMX250 (5 MP), IMX253 (12 MP), and IMX255 (8.9 MP) sensors from the Sony Pregius series are now available. In the future, versions with TFL mount (M35 x 0.75) will also be available for use with particularly high-resolution sensors up to 45 MP. The cameras are supported by the powerful IDS peak software development kit.


  • Ultra fast
  • Large format sensors
  • GigE Vision
  • 10-fold bandwidth
  • 328.1 ft (100 m) long-distance transfer
  • Active cooling
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