Vacuum Pumps


The GHS 1402-2002 VSD+ series vacuum pumps feature a design for efficiency, better performance, optimal oil separation, and a smaller footprint. The user-friendly HEX@ controller has a configurable user interface and puts the user in gear for Industry 4.0.


With this series, Atlas Copco is launching a new model of speed-driven screw pumps in three pumping speed classes. In rough vacuum application, the oil-injected pumps deliver a continuously high pumping speed. The oil-injected screw element makes them ideal for use in central vacuum systems, vacuum cooling, the production of food packaging, thermoformed plastic components, and for vacuum chambers for altitude simulation.


The series delivers exactly the pumping speed required for the respective process, saving energy costs. An energy recovery system helps recover up to 80% of the power in the form of hot water, resulting in lower CO2 emissions.


With high efficiencies in its IE5 class, the permanent magnet motor produces an increase in efficiency of about 2% over the entire speed range. Oil cooling maintains the optimal motor temperature at all speeds. The motor bearings are lubricated by oil, eliminating the need for regular relubrication. The motor is enclosed in a housing with IP66 protection.


  • High efficiency IE5 permanent magnet motor
  • Compression optimization valves
  • Cyclonic oil separation
  • New compact design
  • Ready for Industry 4.0
  • Equipped with HEX@ – next generation vacuum control
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