Viper 6-Axis Articulated Robot With Small Payload


The Viper 650 and 850 six-axis robot models offer the versatility of a large working area with the convenience of a streamlined, compact architecture, making them ideal for assembly, material handling, and machine tending applications. They offer fast, precise arm movements with a maximum reach of 653 mm and 855 mm, respectively. They accommodate payloads up to 5 kg.


  • Standalone and Integrated Controller versions available
  • EtherCAT connectivity to the Omron NJ501-R controller and programming through Sysmac Studio in the familiar IEC 61131-3 programming language or scripting (eV+)
  • Rapid deployment with ePLC Connect and ePLC I/O using familiar ladder logic programming languages of existing PLC (IEC 61131-3) for standalone models
  • Diagnostics display enables faster troubleshooting
  • Ethernet TCP/IP capability to control the robot through a PC, PLC, or robot controller
  • High-resolution, absolute encoders to provide high accuracy, superior slow-speed following, and easy calibration
  • High-efficiency, low-inertia Harmonic Drives and a lightweight arm to deliver maximum acceleration
  • Maximum payload 5 kg
 Grease Type Standard
 Max. Payload 5 kg
 Configuration Stand alone, With Smart Controller EX and Cables, 
 Add-On (With cables to connect to SCEX)
 Robot Controller Type eMotionBlox-60R
 Controller Compatibility SmartController EX, NJ501-Rxxx Series
 EtherNet Depends on model
 EtherNet/IP Supported (For ePLC)
 EtherCAT Depends on model
 Number of Axes 6
 Reach 650 mm, 850 mm
 Protection Rating IP40, IP54/65
 Programming Method eV+, ePLC, Sysmac Studio (IEC 61131-3, eV+)
 Mounting Floor/Table, Ceiling
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